Premium uPVC profiles, created from high quality raw materials.

Energy Efficiency

Enhanced Security

Aesthetic Appeal

Benefits of Our Premium 7-Chamber uPVC


Choosing our premium 7-chamber uPVC profile offers a multitude of advantages that enhance your living space and provide long-lasting benefits. Here’s why you should opt for our exceptional profile:

Energy Efficiency

The 7-chamber design provides superior insulation, keeping your home comfortable and reducing energy costs.

Enhanced Security

The multi-chamber construction enhances the profile’s strength and durability, ensuring the safety of your property.

Noise Reduction

Enjoy a quieter environment with the excellent sound insulation properties of our 7-chamber profile.


Our uPVC profile is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance, saving you time and effort.

Aesthetic Appeal

With a sleek and modern design, our premium profile adds a touch of elegance to your home’s appearance.

Weather Resistance

The high-quality materials used in our profile make it resistant to various weather conditions, ensuring longevity and durability.

7-chamber uPVC

Combination of efficiency, security, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness. Elevate your living experience with our top-notch product!

SUPREMO – Premium uPVC profiles


Make the smart choice by opting for our 7-chamber premium uPVC profile to elevate your space with enhanced insulation, security, aesthetics, and sustainability.

SUPREMO – Premium uPVC profiles

Superior Strength

The multi-chamber construction enhances the profile’s structural integrity, offering increased durability and security.

SUPREMO – Premium uPVC profiles

Main specifications

Here are some compelling specification reasons to choose our premium 7-chamber uPVC profile for your home or project:

  • 7 chamber premium uPVC profile
  • 85mm profile width
  • With 3rd gasket (middle gasket)
  • 3 layer glass option
  • Strong and massive

  • Excellent thermal insulation

  • Aesthetic Appeal


Check our 85 MD SUPREMO AluClip which represents a PVC-U window system with an installation depth of 85 mm and an aluminium cover precision fitted to the outside of the window.

Built to withstand various weather conditions, our profile ensures longevity and performance over time.

The sleek design of our premium profile adds a touch of elegance to your property’s appearance.


Premium quality

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