85 MD

85 MD SUPREMO AluClip represents a PVC-U window system with an installation depth of 85 mm and an aluminium cover precision fitted to the outside of the window.

Available Aluclip color

High quality aluminium

Aluminium cover precision fitted to the outside of the window.

With the aluminium cover on the outside of the window, SUPREMO 85 MD AluClip offers premium solution for uPVC windows.

Great sound insulation
Lower heat transfer coefficient
Burglar resistant material
Modern and unique design
Quality and durable
Timeless elegance

The aluminium facing shell  gives you elegant and premium aluminium design, plus the optimum insulation values of a modern uPVC profile system.

Aluminium is weatherproof and retains its value. It has a fascinating timeless elegance.

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Aluminium can deliver optimum heat and sound insulation.

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Premium uPVC profiles, created from high quality raw materials.

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