PVC & ALU roller shutters


PVC roller shutters are resistant to climatic and atmospheric conditions. They protect against cold, heat, rain, hail, sun, and even unwanted views. They are a good thermal insulator, therefore they contribute to energy savings. In summer, they also protect the space from overheating.

PVC blinds significantly contribute to noise protection, but also to the protection of your privacy, as well as protection against burglary. PVC blinds are easy to maintain, which is their additional advantage. So, we are talking about blinds that, in addition to providing good sound and thermal insulation, allow you to enjoy your privacy and additionally increase the security of your home.


ALU roller shutters, more precisely aluminum slats of blinds, let’s mention that they have the same function as the aforementioned PVC blinds.
However, aluminum blinds provide even better thermal and sound insulation, and their advantage is that there is a much larger selection of better ones for aluminum blinds than for plastic ones.

So, it is a product that really affects energy saving. In winter, it is possible to save significantly on heating costs only if you use blinds. Your heating bills can be up to 25 percent lower if you use your blinds correctly. In addition to all the functional advantages, ALU blinds also have their aesthetic value. A large selection of colors allows the ALU shutter to adapt to any facade, but also to the individual taste of the individual.

Roller shutter colors


Golden Oak



*Colors in real life may be slightly different from colors in our images.

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