The modern PVC windows

The modern PVC window has become a multipurpose product – it makes residential and business spaces even more comfortable, creates sound insulation with the outside environment, and saves valuable energy with its excellent thermal insulation. But that’s not all – today, the window is also considered a special design element that can further enhance, beautify, and give it a completely new look.

Nowadays, you have at your disposal a wide range of design options for implementing your ideas. The design of the window plays an important role in this, which was not always the case. In the past, attention was mainly paid to the technical characteristics of windows, while today windows are used with increasing enthusiasm as a visual and stylistic element of the interior.

Colored windows are very popular. They give a special charm to both residential and commercial buildings and give you the opportunity to give the space your personal touch. Thanks to new technology that provides both style and energy efficiency, as well as new trends in interior and exterior design, the contemporary design of Baufens PVC windows is limited only by imagination. It is very easy to set individual accents through window color design – especially with PVC windows.

A wide range of surface options are available for this purpose. In addition to the standard white color and proven decorative foils in trendy colors,or wood decors, we offer innovative design surfaces, as well as surfaces with aluminum coverings.

With the unique quality of the colors, which are very stable and resistant to various weather influences, the windows become high-quality design elements adapted to any architectural style. No matter what you choose, all our surfaces are easy to clean and with care and maintenance will last and remain beautiful for many years. As far as the shape of PVC windows is concerned, in addition to classic, rectangular shapes, round and arched windows, windows whose glass is visually divided by slats, symmetrical or asymmetrical, as well as triangular windows stand out in modern architecture. By installing panoramic windows, the home becomes non-standard and exclusive, even glamorous.

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