The streets, industry, railways, aircraft: Our world is getting bigger and bigger. This sound will not penetrate your personal living space, which is more important. It turns out that even if they no longer realize that noise is harmful to health. The result may be cardiovascular disease, irritability and concentration difference. The device (DB) used to measure volume or sound pressure is referenced. In sleep, more than 30 % of the population is exposed to permanent noise levels above 50 dB. This is twice the largest recommended value of 20 DB in the bedroom. Therefore, effective noise protection provides sustainable growth for the quality of life.

If you want to improve the insulation material in your home, you must put the window first. According to the environment and noise level, these can be obtained in many sound transmission classes. Ultra -modern window technology with a highly durable PVC U configuration file and special functional glass provides effective sound insulation materials, which can accommodate daily noise.

Effective noise protection begins with capable suggestions and becomes perfect when installing correctly. After all, only according to the requirements of each class transmission category correctly, the elements are installed correctly can you benefit from the true peace and calmness. Windows with high heat insulation factor are also very heavy, and the design of the framework requires a lot. Static characteristics, stability and abstract intensity must be appropriate. In addition, windows and masonry must form a clean seal. Only in this way can noise insulation measures be successful and make core contributions to protect your health.

Put your trust and heat insulation measures in the hands of experts. Your local experts can provide extensive suggestions on noise protection for free.

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