Frequently Asked Questions

What is PVC?

PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride is an abbreviated form of the word. PVC is a thermoplastic made with carbon derived from petroleum or natural gas and chlorine derived from industrial salt. After blending with various additives, it is made into plastic and used for shaping at high temperatures. The flammability temperature of PVC is high because it contains chlorine and when it burns, it goes off by itself.

Is PVC Window harmful to human health?

PVC window systems are manufactured from hard plastic with extruder technology at a temperature of 200°C. It is not possible to dissolve the carbon bonds of PVC, which take shape, at ambient temperature. Therefore, it does not release any gases around. It is friendly to human health since it does not contain any varnish or paint-like chemicals.

What is Series and Chamber Count in Profiles?

PVC profile manufacturers produce profiles with different dimensions and different features within each brand they produce. Each of these is called a series. The series differ from each other by differences such as shape, thickness, durability, longevity, and insulation properties.

The number of chambers affects the thermal and sound performance value of the window. As the number of chambers increases, the insulation values increase. However, this cannot be achieved with profile width alone. In addition, efficiency can be achieved by changing the outer wall thickness and the structure of the support sheet.

What are the Advantage of PVC Window?

  • It is better than wood and aluminum materials as insulation.

  • PVC windows are resistant to weathering, rotting, corrosion, and abrasion.

  • It is resistant to fire. The flammability temperature of PVC windows is higher than wooden windows. Also, when it moves away from the heat source, burning stops. The flame does not work.

  • PVC windows are lightweight and have very good strength.

  • It does not require difficult maintenance such as varnish and paint.

  • It is environmentally friendly. It is 100% recyclable.

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